Uses for a Blender

Blenders tend to be viewed as a countertop appliance that has very minimal uses. They are thought to be handy for making drinks and that is about the extent of what people view them to be useful in. But blenders have several uses, and if utilized properly, you will find that your blender can help to save you time and may even become an item that you use daily.

Blender Uses:

  • Puree foods (soft or cooked foods work best) pureed foods are sometimes needed as an ingredient for casseroles or other recipes.
  • Cream soup (putting soups in a blender give them a velvety cream texture) you can make some amazing home made tomato, broccoli, sweet potato, or butternut squash soup by utlizing your blender.
  • Make milk shakes (2 simple ingredients, ice cream and milk) - Milk shakes are super cute to serve in glass milk bottles.
  • Smooth gravy (great way to avoid lumps in your gravy)
  • Blend eggs to scramble or make an omelet (blending eggs adds air to the eggs which makes them fluffy)
  • Mix salad dressings (this ensures all the spices, etc. are evenly mixed for the best flavor)
  • Make eggnog (a lower powered blender is recommended for eggnog so that it doesn't heat and start to cook the egg, cooked egg in egg nog is not very delicious)
  • Make homemade baby food (most of these foods should be cooked previously, do a little research on making your own baby food for recipes and tips)
  • Blend cream pie fillings and custards
  • Puree fruit for use in dishes or just as a nice snack on top of your favorite yogurt or cottage cheese
  • Blend frozen concentrated juices
  • Create other blended beverages (Did I hear someone say Strawberry Daquiri?)
  • Grate Cheese (slice into small blocks and blend)
  • Blend pancake or waffle batter
  • Blend instant puddings
  • Make Salsa (great if you prefer a finer salsa vs. chunky)
  • Use it to create bread, cracker or cookie crumbs if needed as ingredients in recipes.

Uses for Hand Blenders:

Hand blenders can be used for nearly all same things as regular blenders (see above). But they are also great for using to mash potatoes (makes them more creamy), froth milk, and whip cream. Hand blenders will not be able to really do much with firmer things like raw carrots or nuts, but for the most part they can be used for some of the same things that a regular blender can be used for.

More Blender Uses:

If you enjoy food preservation, then you know a blender can come in handy, whether you need to prep food for salsa or make fruit leathers, a blender comes in just as handy for food preservation seas as your pressure canner and other canning supplies do.

Blenders also can be used to dice up nuts. So break out your black walnut cracker and blend up some fresh nuts to use in your baked goods.